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Moles are highly active animals that spend most of their time underground in their burrows. They are active throughout the year, but their activity levels can vary depending on factors such as temperature, moisture, and food availability.

Moles are capable of digging at a rate of up to 100 feet per day and can create extensive networks of underground tunnels that can cover an area of several acres. They are known to dig both deep and shallow tunnels, and they can change their tunneling patterns based on changes in soil moisture or food availability.

Are they really that bad? Moles can be harmful to lawns because they create unsightly and damaging tunnels in the soil as they burrow through it in search of food. These tunnels can disturb the roots of grass, causing damage to the lawn and making it appear uneven or patchy.

Additionally, moles can also create mounds of soil on the surface of the lawn as they dig their tunnels, which can be unsightly and make it difficult to mow the lawn.

While moles themselves do not feed on grass, their presence in a lawn can attract other animals such as voles and mice, which do feed on grass and can cause additional damage to the lawn.

Our Unique Approach To Mole Control

A combination of grubworm control, mole bait, and traps is the most effective way to control mole populations. Trapping can be used to remove individual moles that are causing damage, while mole baits can be used to control the overall population of moles in the area.

1. Grubworms

Grubworms are a common food source for moles, so reducing their population can help discourage moles from staying in your yard.

2. mole trapping

Trapping is a humane method of removing individual moles from your property, and it can be used to target specific problem areas. We will place traps in active areas and relocate them weekly.

3. mole baits

Mole baits are used to control the overall population of moles on your property. These are placed in the mole tunnels where they are eaten by the moles currently on the property and if uneaten will protect against future mole infestations.

Using trapping and mole bait in conjunction with controlling grubworms can help to achieve the most effective and humane results in controlling mole populations on your property.

Our service utilizes these three methods for removing moles and combines them to provide the best mole control service possible.

  1. We monitor mole activity weekly, trapping the most frequented areas and resetting the traps to new active areas.
  2. We bait every mole tunnel and continue to bait new activity weekly.
  3. We control grubworms on the property with a bee-friendly insecticide. This grubworm control service is included at no extra charge in our lawn care treatment program.

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