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Brown Spots in the Lawn? You Need Mr. Lawn.

Disease damage in Columbia lawns appear as brown desiccated patches of grass. These lawn damaging fungi, like brown patch and dollar spot, thrive in a warm, humid environment. A diseased lawn is easily misdiagnosed as drought or heat stressed and as a result, the most common homeowner response is to frequently water the lawn. It’s humid here in Columbia’s summers and as you can imagine, frequent watering will only cause the fungi to spread faster. We diagnose and educate homeowners and landscapers to control diseases with effective treatments and cultural practices.

Our Approach To Lawn Disease Control and Fungus Control Treatments

Identifying the disease you’re dealing with is the first step to lawn disease and fungus control. By understanding the mechanisms of growth, we can analyze the lawn and landscapes and make recommendations that will make a permanent, positive change in your lawns health.

1. Lawn Disease Id

Every technician is able to diagnose lawn fungus diseases and understand the mechanisms of their growth.

2. Education

We’ll identify, educate and recommend the best choices for your lawn and budget. Sometimes these recommendations aren’t for products or services that we provide. We’ll work with local landscapers to help promote your lawn’s health.

3. Treatment

Shade, moisture, air flow and soil chemistry all go into our treatment plan for your lawn. Once we have the diagnosis we’ll use products and properly timed services to control the disease as efficiently as possible.

Lawn Disease and Fungi

Brown Patch

By far the most common lawn disease in TN is brown patch. It can be identified by large brown patches or rings with green patches of grass in the center. It can quickly spread throughout the lawn, following the flow of water.

Dollar Spot

The second most common lawn disease in TN is Dollar Spot. This fungus can be identified by the small 1-3 inch brown spots in the lawn or by the lesions that appear on the leaf blade before foliage death.

Pythium Blight

This fungus is rare, only lawns having very poor drainage will have this disease. It can look very similar to brown patch, it has large brown rings, oftentimes with green grass in the center. During the early morning hours you can see the mycelium on the grass blades, as seen in the picture above. Pythium blight moves very fast, kills the plant completely and is by far the worst possible disease you can have in your lawn. If you suspect you have this in your lawn, stop irrigation and call us immediately.

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We’re passionate about helping people just like you get rid of unwanted pest problems. As such, we are proud to be the only pest control company in Columbia, TN promising excellence in value, service, and trust.

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