Lawn Aeration

Our Lawn Aeration Services

Aerating the lawn helps your lawn and the soil under it to breathe. Compacted or clay soils especially benefit from lawn aeration as it increases root mobility giving you a deeper, healthier root system.

A special roller for the handling and laying of the lawn

Our Unique Approach To Lawn Aeration Services

We perform true double pass aeration. We aerate it the same way you would mow a diamond pattern on an athletic field. This provides more aeration cores per sq ft than the traditional double pass aeration.

1. Increased microbial activity

Microbes exchange gas and release water. Lawn aeration increases percolation and infiltration of water to the plant healthy soil microbes and fungi.

2. Increased irrigation efficiency

Core aeration increases water infiltration, especially in clay soils, reducing runoff and encouraging a deeper root system.

3. A great seed bed

Seed to soil contact is the name of the game when it comes to seeding your lawn. By combining true double pass lawn aeration with fescue, bluegrass or rye grass seed, we can improve the soil and restore a lawn at the same time.

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