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The team at Mr. Lawn Care wants to make sure that all your questions are answered. Please see below for the most frequently asked questions from clients in and around Columbia. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call!

If you have Fescue, the grass that stays green during the winter, then you only need to water the lawn twice a week. It is best to water the lawn in the early morning hours. Be sure to catch and measure the water your sprinkler is putting out with a shallow container, you’re looking to catch 1/2 inch of water. Stop your sprinkler and see how long it took to water your lawn. This will be how long you need to water your lawn twice a week. You may increase watering to 3 times per week during drought but never any higher.

On a Fescue lawn you want to keep it at 3.5” – 4”. Be sure to never cut off more than 30% of the leaf blade at a time. This usually requires cutting every 5 days during the spring and fall and once a week during the summer months.

For Bermuda you can keep it as short as you’d like. As long as your lawn is properly leveled, you can maintain it at 1-2 inches.

We service The Southern Middle Tennessee area. That includes; Green Hills, Belle Meade, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Spring Hill, Thompson Station and Columbia.

Keeping your family safe is our top priority. We go to great efforts to limit the amount of synthetic products we use. We believe nature already has the best recipes for landscape health. When we need to, we use low volume applications that are easily absorbed by the target plant. You are required to stay off of the lawn for 2 hours after the treatment is completed. We will send you an email as soon as the application is complete with the time stamp.

We promote a greener turf and a stronger root system. The result is a thicker, healthier lawn that will naturally be able to defend itself against weeds and problem grasses. Our eco-friendly lawn care products provide beautiful results with fewer nitrates and pesticides than products other lawn care companies use.

At Mr. Lawn we take the threat that dwindling bee populations poses seriously. We have made many changes to how we operate and what we use, to better protect the bees we have. Our Flea, Tick and Bug spray utilizes an all natural cedar oil that is not harmful to bees. Our white grub and armyworm insecticide treatments contain Acelypryn which is also not harmful to bees. We will not not spray flowering white clover or wild violets. If you have currently flowering white clover or wild violets at time of application, we will ask you to have it mowed short to remove the flowers before they could be treated.

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